Ugg x Y/Project campaign in Vogue UK


Text by Alice Newbold Photography by Arnaud Lajeunie Style by Ursina Gysi

First Y/Project brought us thigh-high Ugg boots, then thigh-high stiletto Ugg boots. Now creative director Glenn Martens has reimagined his fuzzy crotch-grazers onto classic nude artworks inspired by Alexandre Cabanel, François Boucher and Simon Vouet.

Thankfully Martens – who is known for his experimental, hybrid approach to footwear – was on hand to make sense of the autumn/winter 2018 campaign for us. “The whole idea was to celebrate an iconic shoe through iconic art,” the Belgian designer begins. “I chose 'The Birth of Venus' as the starting point, because both the painting and the collection celebrate surfing on waves, twisting the expected and triggering the eye in optical illusions.”

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